About our Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program invites website owners, bloggers, social media publishers and media sites and online forum operators to promote our site and products and earn commissions on sales they refer to greenworkspower.com

What affiliate network do you work with?

We have partnered with ShareASale, the most trusted affiliate network in the industry. They offer a great collection of tools to help you promote greenworkspower.com including traditional creative like banners and text links in addition to advanced tools like the Make A Page storefront and widget builder, Product Showcase and the ShareASale Product Discovery Bookmarklet that makes linking to any page on our site a snap.

How does the Affiliate Program work? 



It's free and easy to join.

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Choose from our products to advertise to your customers.

Whether you are a large marketplace, content site, social media influencer or blogger, we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize

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Get up to 10% in commissions on successful referrals. Earn commissions from all qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised. Plus, our competitive conversion rates help you maximize your earnings.

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How will I get paid?

ShareASale handles payment of affiliate commissions. They pay commissions monthly on around the 20th for sales referred in the previous month less any order modifications, cancellations or chargebacks. Payment can be made either by check or by direct deposit into your bank account. Minimum payout thresholds can be set with the network.

How much money can I make as a greenworkspower.com affiliate? 

That is entirely up to you! We offer a huge assortment of all items from unique to common, but selling more expensive items like searching lawn mower can boost your earnings. Our commission rates vary depending on the affiliate type with payouts of up to 8%-10% available. Your ability to earn will be based on how much traffic you can generate and the level of engagement and trust you have with your audience.

Are there any marketing methods you don't allow in the greenworkspower.com Affiliate Program?

To get started in the Fanatics Affiliate Program, please choose the Affiliate Network Partner you feel most comfortable with and click the “Join Now” button to complete your affiliate application. Our Affiliate Manager will review your application and get in touch if your application is approved.

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